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Unlock Your Child's Reading Success with Neuralign. A Reading Program for Dyslexia.

Neuralign improves dyslexic students' reading by an average of 50% in 10 weeks 1 and 99% of Students Improve Reading by 2+ Grade Levels after 40 hours 2









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Transform Your Child's Reading Journey

Our innovative program is a beacon of hope for children struggling with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

Engaging, computer-game-based, professional-grade brain training

Witness measurable improvement in reading, 10 times faster than alternative interventions 2

Elevate your child’s happiness and self-esteem at school

See Neuralign In Action

Neuralign’s game-based software, perfected through years of fieldwork and neuroscience research, allows your child to embrace learning and fun.

Neuralign's games are the only ones simultaneously strengthening auditory, visual, and processing pathways for efficient reading acquisition.

Many Neuralign users start to see results after the first few sessions. Our program can be completed on your own schedule, in the privacy and comfort of your home.

What Experts Say About Neuralign

“There is no program out there that can do what Neuralign is doing”

Maude LeRoux OTR/L,
A Total Approach

“It's just been stunning to watch over and over and over as parents who have struggled and fought and searched for solutions for their children, now have a child who can read.”

Kirsten Lopez,
Brain Solutions Inc.

“Many students have developed the automaticity of reading. They're reading quickly and accurately, and their comprehension is greater than it was before.”

David Schipper,
Strategic Learning Clinic

“Neuralign’s interactive program targets the neural circuits involved in reading in a fun and engaging manner”

Rima Balshe, PhD. Psychologist,
Coventry University

Is Neuralign Right for your Child?

Find out in just 3 minutes. Answer a few questions, and we’ll let you know if Neuralign suits your child's needs and if you qualify for our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Discover the Neuralign Advantage

Innovative Reading Approach:

Neuralign boosts cognitive skills crucial for fluent reading, providing the fundamental building blocks for success in any reading intervention.

Neuroscience-Powered Learning:

Unlike conventional methods, Neuralign simultaneously targets the auditory, visual and processing pathways required for efficient reading.

Complete Skill Development:

Neuralign bonds auditory, visual, and motor systems, freeing up brain resources for comprehension.

With the right approach and reading support for dyslexia, your child can thrive

Dyslexia isn't a reflection of intelligence. Dyslexic children simply require assistance in forming the neural pathways crucial for skilled reading. Neuralign's reading program for Dyslexia, grounded in the latest neuroscience research, builds children's neural reading pathways while providing an enjoyable experience.

Real Parents, Real Results

“The program has been awesome, it’s really helped Joel with his reading and his comprehension”

Annie, Joel’s mom

“We have seen great improvement in his reading fluency and Joshua’s confidence has also grown.”

Sonja, talking about her son Josh

“I’ve seen Anthony’s struggle. And now he’s at par with Grade 3 level at reading which is great, so that he’s right on board with them.”

Silvia, Anthony’s Mum

“Thanks to Neuralign, my dyslexic daughter never fell behind in her reading, and her self-esteem remained intact.”

Leila's Mom

The Neuralign Journey

Day 1

Your Neuralign journey begins.

First 3 Weeks

Fifteen 1-hour
"Cognitive Games" sessions for enhanced reading pathways.

Following 10 Weeks

Fifty 15-30-minute
"Reading Exercises" for fluency and comprehension.

Fifty 1-minute
"Speed Reading" sessions.

Parent Involvement

Try Neuralign Risk-Free

Witness your child's progress or get a full refund with our Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Discover whether Neuralign is the right solution for your child, and if you qualify for the guarantee, by taking our 3-minute assessment.

Unlock Lifelong Benefits at a Reasonable Price

Secure access to years of research-backed insights with Neuralign’s $1,495 full package, which includes our immersive 40-hour, 13-week program for your child, with tailored training for parents.

At just $37 per hour, this is a wise investment for lasting results, typically achieved 10 times faster than other interventions. 2

Your child's success is our priority. Discover how Neuralign can transform your child's reading journey.

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